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Hey! If you just want to support my work (this would be great). 

Many thanks :)

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If you would put in just $10 per month I would be able to work on my game project more often and I will post every week a video of "doing sprites/levels/etc" :)

 Thanks for your contribution! 




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I am Lukas, but everyone call me fil. I am a pixel artist and game developer. 

But to the main thing here!

My currert project is called Bibi&Pipi and it is about two sisters. Bibi is the older one and she is also the playable character. 

I do not want to spoiler all the story, but the main thing is to save her sister before the beasts. Bibi uses her sword to kill these beasts. It is like jumping on them and putting the sword in the neck of the beasts :o
The whole story is already written on paper. I want to start drawing levels and more things(I will post them soon).

I am currently working on it 1 day a week, because of my actual work. If you want me to work on it often, I would be happy, if you can support me. :)

Regards! :)
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Game Development is a hard work and it contains many brain explosions.
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