is creating small apps
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Its nice to see contibution of any size.
Even penny have value.
Also feel free to ask for better rewards.
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You can suggest idea for one of next small apps.
Previous rewards included.
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You seems being serious about me.
Maybe drink some vodka in your honor next time?
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About Filarius

Health to you, reader. Its Filarius - somebody who like to do small apps for fun. And dream.
Sometimes I do something useless, like this app similar to The Game of Life

Or replay-to-grid_view converter for Awesomenauts.

Or half-block smoother for StarMade blueprints

$0 of $1,000 per month
While goal-o-metter going up I will be harder in trying to:
  • spend more time on making free small apps
  • play with my doggy.
  • search artist team to make animation of my dream
  • undertand answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything
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