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You're the one who makes all of this happen! You have my eternal thanks for even considering supporting my work. It might not be a whole lot to some people but someone willing to support my content like this means the whole world to me.

You will also have access to my Patron-only feed for blog posts, picture updates and more.
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This is the little extra that tell me that you really like what i'm doing and thank you so much. I will send you a personalised email that outlines what your support means to me. You will also have access my Patreon only feed like in the first tier.
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This is for those that really want to support my channel and help me make more videos. I feel like this tier makes the difference between hobby and work and you guys really want to make me work. I would never have thought that someone would want to pay to see something I make, like an actual film.
Thank you so much.

In this tier you can ask me questions that I will answer once a month. You also get all of the previous rewards from the tiers below.




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Filminthemaking is a channel dedicated to the ins and outs of what appears on the silver screen. It produces video essays about what makes movies so great and the reasons filmmakers choose what they do when making their films. This Patreon is here to support the creation of these videos and make all of the time spent researching, writing, editing and producing a little more worth while. The support that I get from my audience means the world to me, even if its not monetary there is still an excitement that I get from any feedback or positive comments. Thank you for watching.
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This is what I consider a real responsibility to any fan of my videos to keep making video essays and to make sure I keep uploading regularly. It will also allow me to upgrade some equipment to make better videos.
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