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Not much I can actually do, but yeah, be sure that your name will be mentioned in the huge thank you section of the website!
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I guess five bucks would be enough to print a postcard, right?
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This is basically as the previous tier, but you'll see some extra stuff I'll be shooting.




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I still shoot film. IMO, it's still the best photography gear to use, and using film cameras it does improve your photography skills and quality of shots. It's harder to learn, has a high cost per shot taken, and has 12 shots in a roll - perfect conditions that force you to think twice before pressing the button.

This page is experimental. I'm not a pro, I shoot whatever I like, because I'm enjoying the process. I'm not earning money with photography, so whatever money you might donate, will be used to buy gear:
  • films (experimental ones like infrared, for cross-processing, or any other exotics I wouldn't otherwise risk to try)
  • film backs for my Hasselblad (wouldn't spend $100-150 on a film back otherwise, I mostly use a Kiev-88 camera that costs $150 for the whole thing with lenses)
  • lenses (fish-eye, tilt/shift, macro, telescopic ones, in other words, anything I wouldn't normally try cos they are extras to the everyday needs set)

I can also use the cast to print and send out souvenirs for the backers.
Take a look at my gallery, enjoy.
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New Lens. Should be enough to buy a wide-angle or a portrait Zeiss lens.
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