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The Fincrime Files are bite-sized audio briefings for Executives, Board Directors and risk & compliance professionals designed to stem financial crime escalation in their business.  Our podcasts are direct, strategic, practical and instructive - designed for precious listening time on planes, in the gym, in traffic or by the sidelines of kids' sport on a weekend. 

The insights offered are based on emerging threats; weekly news / incidents; evolving crime typologies and risk assessments.  We cover corruption; fraud; cyber-security; money laundering; sanctions abuse; organised crime and corporate misconduct linked to financial incentives.  

Our reports are produced by Fincrime Australia ( and are S.E Asia-centric - although relevant globally.  Our insights are independent of regulators, law enforcement or professional service firms whose growth; revenue-bases and status ironically expands with risk. Conversely, we hope to be out of business by 2025 which is the horizon for our bold goal.

Our goal
Our goal is to inspire leaders to fight organised crime exploitation of business, customers, communities, economies and the environment by accelerating the business community's financial crime literacy & vigilance.   Without business enablement, organised crime's operating model fails. And if that's achieved, human trafficking; drug trafficking; child exploitation; antiquity and wildlife endangerment and terrorist financing can be meaningfully disrupted. 

But it starts by quietly asking business to just listen...

Insight starts at $1
There are several support tiers you can choose from to access the Fincrime Files.
Support starts at as little as AUD$1 per podcast. Our goal is to maximise the community that hear about the issues explored in each podcast. Hence our $1 price-point.

If you sponsor us as a patron you are charged only when we load a podcast. And you can set a monthly limit - in case we go bonkers and load LOTS of podcasts in a month.

More Support - for the price of a coffee or a magazine per month
The work in generating podcasts is significant.  We read; interview regulators and industry practitioners; monitor global news / incidents and develop IP to share with you as fast as possible to keep you posted.  If you support our goals and love our content, we ask that you choose a higher tier of support (beyond the base-line $1 per podcast option).  At any per-podcast fee tier you can set a monthly maximum.

As a thank you, each support tier offers additional unique rewards on top of podcast access.
[Check-out the 'Liquid Gold' support tier that offers access to our nifty global fincrime 'hive' if you decide to sponsor for $20 per podcast or a limit of $240 a year].

You can suspend your access / financial support at any time and we will never share your information with sponsors or others peddling wares. 
We transparently show you our supporter numbers and income on this site because together we are trying to build international momentum in order to build business understanding and insight.
Will you help us magnify the financial crime message - to help business stem their financial crime risk - to disrupt organised crime enablement and - to insulate our communities from harm?
Becoming a FinCrime Files patron could be your most important business legacy...Please join us!
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Backstage Access
per creation
Your support is SO greatly appreciated! 

To say thank you we've given you access to the rewards from 

Podcast PLUS  (podcasts + a short thumb-nail summary of the key messages and a signpost list to help you implement the issues raised in the podcast)

AND we've added

Backstage Access - giving you details of the links / contact details and assets we use to develop podcast content - useful for those who want to do further reading or reference our references in papers or academic work.  Thank you again! Together we are making a difference.

Liquid Gold
per creation
Thank you!  You are one of our most treasured patrons and we have an exclusive reward for you...

You have access to all the benefits offered to our patrons at the $2.99 & $10 tiers.  But as an AU$20 per podcast patron, you can also access a golden asset - an expert community.

With Liquid Gold access, we'll invite you to FINTCH - our summer & winter Financial Crime International Collaboration Hive.  FINTCH is an online meeting of expert practitioners and fellow Liquid Gold Fincrime Files patrons.  Together, at FINTCH - over 2 hrs - we wallpaper the hive (virtually) with emerging issues / threats, trends, new ideas and questions important to you.  Fincrime Australia facilitates the involvement of those invited and you get access to possibly the most valuable asset of all - a committed, experienced, expert community on the edge of what's important.  

No travel.  Global. Practical. Smart. Gold.

This is our special thank you.  

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When we have 1000 patrons we'll add a  monthly 'spotlight' series where we interview 1 patron per month to keep our feed 'industry-fuelled'
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