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About Finding Your Serenity

Finding Your Serenity is a passion project which aims to guide you to live a beautiful life that you love, with improved wellbeing, more inner peace, lots of self love and full of light. 

Please check out my website:

Instagram: @findingyourserenity

Facebook: @findingyourserenity

If you want to help support what I do, consider becoming a Patreon. I will post a special video every month just for Patreons. This will be a super raw version of myself being completely vulnerable and open. I will share things that I wouldn't post on YouTube. 

Thank you for your support. If you don't want to be a Patreon but believe in what I am doing you can support it by following me on Instagram subscribing to the Youtube channel, watching, commenting and liking videos, sharing articles, commenting on articles and clicking on advertisements. 

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