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My name’s Finland, I’m a freelance illustrator with logistics and programming backgrounds. As a remote artist, my main partner in illustration work is VinylShop. It's a start up that's specialised in vinyl wall art's business. They're located in United-States, and they sell vinyl wall designs worldwide.

Why vinyl wall Art?

At the time where our planet suffers from important diseases as a result of " MY " obsession to increase pollution, I think sometimes, trying to think differently and still be cool and interesting persons isn't a bad thing! Isn't it?
So the key idea behind this business, is to recycle all these vinyl disques, lost somewhere in some rubbles, and transform it into nice pieces of artwork that perfectly integrate with our home interior designs.

My journeys?

Since two years about, through regular assignments, I dedicated most of my journeys in creating unique vector skylines for VinylShop's customers. My collection includes a wide range of countries, cities (including Abidjan, my own city), towns, high schools, universities, objects, animals, halls and even castles and popular streets...

All these artworks can be found on their website. Except assignments for people asking for lovely custom designs. The best part in this, is that anyone in the world with a delivery address can purchase it and get those designs shipped conveniently.

Why become Patron?

I think it’s a very cool project to " redesign " the things enumerated above through these creations. If you think that as well, then let's get you started in my journeys to travel between exclusive vinyl Art and view my work progress before it's released online.

Thank You!

For further infornation about my activity, feel free to visit my freelancer and virtual agency profiles (follow the link below), and do not hesitate to join us and support your humble creator 😉🙏

: I’m a native French speaker, pardon every mistake and typo.

_ _ _ God bless us. _ _ _ 
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For me, every opinion you leave is a gold which helps improve myself and be able to try to satisfy you the best I can.
That's why in a near future, I will create a Private Community Tier to better interact with each one of you, if possible. It will be my monthly opportunity to answer 10 pertinent questions. I assume it will be difficult to talk in English, but nothing impossible.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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