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About Finn Szumlas

My name is Finn Szumlas. As a budding writer-director of poetic, sometimes metaphysical short and feature films - think of Tarkovsky or Malick if those names mean anything to you - I spend a lot of time generating and developing ideas, pitching those ideas to producers and drawing up application documents for grants and funds... with no guarantee of finding the necessary (and sizeable) resources needed to turn one or two of those ideas into cinematic works of art.

I recently completed a successful crowdfunding campaign for my upcoming short film WOUNDRKIND (see my video pitch here) - only to realise that even such succes did not result in any money actually going to feeding me or my family. It would all go towards the film.

That's when I discovered this wonderful platform, Patreon. At a time when it's becoming more and more difficult, once again, for artists to ACTUALLY be supported by their fans through the likes of YouTube and Spotify, Patreon offers someone like myself the chance to continue making films, while maintaining a close connection with my audience. Check out this video to see how Patreon works. (This one goes a bit deeper, but is a bit longer.)

As of this moment I envision three kinds of films I would like to share here with my fans and supporters:

- short vlogs detailing my plans and ideas for films and my experiences as I try to get them made
- essay / lecture videos on classic films, filmmakers and, especially, film literature
- original work: short narrative films, documentaries and hopefully, in time, a feature!

Are you inspired by artists and filmmakers like Andrei Tarkovsky, Terrence Malick, Leos Carax, Mike Leigh and/or Krzysztof Kieslowski? Become my personal patron today and help pave the way for one of cinema's next poet-philosophers. (Or at least join one as he aspires to follow in his heroes' footsteps.)
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When this happens, I'll make a little video to celebrate and to demonstrate the improvement in sound quality.
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