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About Fiona Blue

Hello lovely people of Patreon, supporters of artists! My name is  Fiona Blue.

I am a singer-songwriter from the great Midwestern state of Wisconsin! (Yes I do like cheese.) 

I feel as though my journey in music is only just beginning. I started singing in my church's music ministry in 2014. Through the years I've built my confidence and courage up to finally branch out and start this solo project in 2016, and just this year I have started performing live shows. 

I have fallen deeply in love with songwriting, singing, recording, performing, and connecting with people through creating music. I am taking the plunge and trying to pursue music as my full time gig. It's scary and wonderful at the same time. 

Here are some of my goals I want to accomplish (hopefully with your love & help!):
  • Record and Release 2 Singles
  • Record and Release an EP 
  • Record and Release a full length album
  • Acquire new sound equipment to have the ability to travel with my music playing gigs
  • Film a music video (or multiple!)
  • Book a small tour
  • Book a big tour!
All of these things and more as you can imagine cost money, time, love, energy, maybe blood, definitely sweat, and some tears. If you feel moved to help me succeed in any of these endeavors please consider becoming a patron of mine! I will literally be forever grateful to be able to do what I love. 

I am so honored that my music/my voice/my songs/my vibe/my anything has connected with people thus far and I hope to continue doing so. Thank you for even reading this! :)
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