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$1 supporters get access to suggestion polls for the artwork monthly give away theme.  This is limited to one winner per month per tier.

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$5 supporters get access to suggestion polls as well as a single black and white headshot/portrait sketch of your choice per month.  NSFW is not allowed.

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$10 supporters get access to the suggestion polls as well as a  chance to get a colored digital full body of your choice.  For every 10 people that sign up for this tier, 1 entry has the chance to get a color sketch, per 10 persons.  You are still guaranteed to get a black and white portrait sketch at the end of the month. NSFW is not allowed




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About FireArts Studios

I offer a unique variety of hard-to-find series of more obscure anime and video game titles, as well as more popular main stream titles, western cartoons, movies and tv shows. These series come in the form of fun and cute chibi stickers, perfect for your laptop, sketchbook cover, journal or notebook or made-to-order pin back buttons, which are great for backpacks, purses or ita bags. We also offer beautiful and sometimes silly printed works for your wall. If you're looking for something a little more personalized, look no further! I offer commissions in several forms, both in digital and traditional media. I will work with fanart and original characters as well as furry, anthro and pony characters. I am a creatively driven individual who uses her understanding of color, form and both human and animal anatomy to create illustrative works. My extensive work with one-on-one client commissions since 2010 has broadened my skills to encompass many different styles and practices with several different mediums.
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This goal goes towards paying for my Copic marker supplies.  These traditional supplies are expensive and helps to keep my bills paid on time each month with regular commissions.  Please help me reach my simple goal!
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