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My name is Fabian Fabro (FirahFabe). I am a game/film composer and software engineer. I enjoy arranging folk covers, especially for video game and anime music. One thing I felt is that folk is an under looked genre for listeners.  Another thing is that I enjoy learning more about my Filipino Heritage with the traditional music.

My goal for this Youtube Channel:
I hope to bring more of the Filipino and Folk style to be part of the video game music. I also like to doing covers of video game music that has not been done yet since it can bring light to some obscure games and show love to those small fan followers for those games.

Why Pledge?
Filipino Instruments are difficult to come by, especially from the US. So I would need funding to maintain or buy new instruments to keep them in great condition for the music. Resources are scarce for these instruments and style of music since it is a dying art upon Filipino culture. Pledging would be nice, but just watching, liking, or sharing my videos would be good enough to bring awareness to this culture!

$1 of $50 per cover
This is a starter goal to see where this will take me! I can invest in new strings. I can also pay for mechanical licenses for Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play, etc.
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