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is creating their first full length album "Rust"
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About First Revival

We are a heavy metal band from Luleå in the north of Sweden
Formed in the spring 2016 and since then we have released two singles and one EP meanwhile doing a lot of touring in Sweden, very soon international as well.
We are currently working on our first full length album named 'Rust', released during 2019, and the single 'Descent' accompanied by a music video.

the sound is best described as a mix between 70s heavy metal and a touch of modern stoner metal.
The songs touch subjects like mental health, society and being born and raised as a working class kid in a cold world.

We love playing and we will always do it for the art and for the fun.
However, nothing is free and we are not wealthy, therefore we want to give the opportunity for those whom like what we do and want us to go further with our music to support us by becoming patreons. 
Being a supporter for First Revival is rewarding not just in the way that you're supporting a band burning for the art but also because we always give back to our supporters since we are nothing without our fans.

Stay heavy, stay strong!
Yours truly
First Revival
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When we reach this amount monthly we will upload a monthly video log only available for our patreons where you can follow our work, get news about upcoming plans and get a sneak peek on new songs.
You can also send questions and shoutouts wich will be answered in the vlogs. Your opinions matter a lot to us.
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