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Samples of unfinished jazz fusion covers.

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Request jazz fusion covers of music that will get made! (One request per person every two months. Suggestions always welcome, but these are required requests that will be filled.)

You will become my personal best friend. (While supplies last)

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If you are this generous I will probably cry. So basically, you get all of the benefits of the previous tiers, plus:

I will make music with you! Like, literally whenever. Just send me a message and we can collaborate on something cool.

I will put a big thank you card, for specifically you, at the end of every video.

I will cry.



About First Royce (Joel Craft)

Who is this guy?

Hi! my name is Joel, and I make jazz fusion covers of popular music on Youtube. My goal is to re-contextualize a lot of the overplayed music we often to hear, and bring new ideas to it. I purposely try to make the covers as ridiculous, colorful, and musically interesting as possible, while still remaining (mostly) tasteful (up for debate). This is to emphasize the sense that the same musical theme can convey a wide variety of emotions and attitudes. I always include a live transcription in my videos because I believe in sharing the theoretical concepts that I use so that they may be used by others. (Really, don't quote me on that tasteful bit.)

Why should I give you any of my money?

I have recently started college, as a music composition major. I will be studying and composing classical music, and while classical music is just super, I have always have had a desire to make strange.. how should I put it.. not-so-accepted-by-academics-and-kind-of-a-little-bit-out-there type music. However, college, as well as work, proves to be demanding. It takes up a lot of my time, and I'm not saying that it shouldn't. But I want to continue to create the kind of content I've been creating so far on my channel. Patreon support would allow me to worry a little bit less about my income, and spend more time making music for this channel.

What's in it for me?

On the right, you'll see multiple tiers of pledges that I have set up for this page. I really want to try to make the rewards worth your time (and money), because I really want to show my appreaciation for your assistance. My goal is that you would be receiving something worth more than the money you are actually giving. Some of the rewards include work-in-progress updates on unreleased projects, extra music that I don't intend to release or upload on Youtube, immunity from the Reptile Uprising, and the ability to get any song you request covered and uploaded on my channel! This means your request, without question, will be made. Unless it's like, a really really awful song. Or if it's just completely atonal.

...Actually, scratch that.
A jazz fusion cover of The Rite of Spring would be hilarious.

I hope you will consider becoming a patron of my channel and my music. This channel and the music I make on it are important to me, but I worry now with starting college that I may not have as much time to dedicate, trying to juggle classes and work hours. Any money pledged will allow me to cut back on my work hours, and spend more time making music.
-Joel (First Royce)
20% complete
When we reach 50 dollars per month, I'm going to make a collab video with all of my patrons together. It'll be pretty cool.
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