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Unreleased demos and live bootlegs
We record a lot of stuff that we end up not using. For $1 a month we'll give you all the stuff we don't release along with unofficial live show recordings!
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Free gig entry!
For £5 a month we'll send you a laminated ticket granting you free entry to all of our gigs and shows for that month.
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Free merch!
For £20 a month we'll send you shirts, posters, postcards, plectrums, tea towels, mugs... whatever we feel like producing that month. 




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About Fish Slice

We make proggy folky quirky rock music. Weird, right?
Our first ever release, the Passage EP, is out now on Spotify and iTunes and Deezer and blahblahblah.
In order to get some new gear and fund future gigs and releases, we need to start generating a bit of cash, and so have decided to set up this Patreon as a means of doing just that whilst also providing our fans with a bit of extra content.

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