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Figure it The F**k Out, this is FITFO, a group of regular people interested in politics! We know how hard it can be to make informed voting decisions. Its also hard getting involved in politics, whether it be national or local. Our goal at FITFO is to quickly provide the knowledge you'll need to make informed voting decisions.

We create engaging video content on YouTube, accompanying news article reviews on our website brought forth by our Artificial Intelligence Software (oooh fancy!)

Now! Imagine an ad-free [excluding our sponsors of course!] website where you can get content that is strictly informational – meaning content that isn't being drowned out by the opinions of the FITFO content writers. At no charge, absolutely free!

Our mission is to build up this free easy-to-reference knowledge platform that allows you to follow politicians in the news, as well as post questions and comments about trending news articles and blog posts, including our own articles! To accomplish this mission, we've joined forces with a small company called ForkLabs Creative to bring you the FITFOUSA website.