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Hey everyone, Fitz City here! With your contributions, whether big or small, all equally have a huge impact on the content that I love to provide to all of you! I strive to give you guys the best content possible! Supplying the latest info, updates tips and tricks along the way! I'm also a writer/editor for the Pokémon GO Hub! This journey has been an incredible one so far. It is only getting better. By becoming a Patron, you aren't only riding along with me on this journey, but enhancing it for you and me as well!

What you're contributions will do:
- Help me feel appreciated of my hard work day in and day out on YouTube and for the GO Hub
- Be a REAL part of the channel on a personal level with exclusive access
- Become an official supporter of Fitz City 
- Help me get rid of ad based revenue payments because you're donations mean so much more!
- Help me strive to become a better content creator and article writer 
- Thanking me for my hard work and dedication via videos on YouTube
and articles on the GO Hub.  

So here your generous donations will give you immediate access to me personally and having a say on what I should talk about in videos to come! What you have to say has meaning here! 
I absolutely appreciate the support from all of you and most importantly enjoy providing you guys the best content possible! 
$19 of $500 per month
This goal is strictly to help me invest into the channel so I can continue and improve on the content I can provide to you guys! No donations go to waste! Let's grow together as a family :)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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