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About Fluent Japanese From Anime

Learning Japanese from anime sounds like an excuse to go around the hard work it really takes to speak Japanese well, but I disagree. I disagree so much that I decided to write a book and start a YouTube channel on how and why things like anime and manga are the BEST ways to learn Japanese.

I strongly believe that learning foreign languages is ultimately a journey of self-development, so I also do a number of videos on self-help topics as well. These videos are based upon the many books I've read and listened to which helped to save my life and turn it all around.

I try to make my best content free and available on my YouTube channel, but as a reward to those who support me, I will be doing a small podcast of sorts that offers bonus content. In this podcast, you'll find extra language learning and self-development content using a mix of Q+A and behind-the-scenes formats.

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I'll finally be able to start paying rent to all the family members and friends I've stayed with the past 2 years when I first started this crazy journey.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
Audio releases
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