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Hey there! :)

I'm Shana, a 27-years old game developer living in Germany.
I'm currently working on a game using UE4 in a small team of two. We're keeping the gameplay under tight wraps right now, so I can't reveal what the game is about yet sadly, I will show various assets I'm making for the game though.

You can see my work on Sketchfab and Artstation.

Any money earned through Patreon will go towards the development of our game (software licenses, hardware, paying artists etc), only in an emergency would I use some of it for living expenses (my living expenses are pretty much all covered, but unexpected things can always happen).

I know the incentive to support a game you barely know anything about is low, but updating my page was really overdue since my Source modding days are long over. I will update this as soon as we feel comfortable revealing the actual game itself.

In the past I was possibly best know for my work on Obsidian Conflict, which is a co-op mod for Half-Life 2 heavily focusing on custom content.

I mainly made maps and models, which is my biggest passion. Most of my content was for Obsidian Conflict, although I also made some Garry's Mod maps many years ago.
My involvement in Obsidian Conflict's development these days is minimal, I sometimes do small things like fixing bugs in Mapadds scripts, but that's pretty much it.
I still "own" the mod per se, but that's mostly to oversee development of the new team to make sure everything stays on track and as support.

For those who are curious about my involvement in Obsidian Conflict, I'm posting a few screenshots below.

I will eventually move those to my portfolio so i don't cluster up this page so much.

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