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About Flanelle Magazine

Flanelle Magazine is a media company that embraces and empowers the fashion and culture community. We recognize the different fashion & art influence has on society and want to continue sharing this information with a thriving online community of supporters. Whether it be our website, printed magazine, books or videos, we want to inspire and be inspired continuously. 

Six years ago, Flanelle was born out of an idea and from an exuberant passion for emerging art in all its forms, from photography to paintings and design. From the beginning, our primary goal was to showcase artists and help them grow, but we would always feel like we really succeeded if we could, ultimately pay all collaborators what they were worth.

Our current goal is to keep art, photography, fashion & design, advertisement-free. 

From the beginning, our primary goal was to showcase artists and help them grow. We have done just that, with 18 issues, 1389 online articles and editorials, 1 hardcover book, and with almost 100k social media followers and a readership of 300k digital magazine impressions.

However, we've been funded by one grant, one sponsorship ( for the Flanelle Book) and out of pocket investments up to this point. We have always felt that we would only consider our mission a success when we would be able pay our collaborators what they are worth. With a platform such as Patreon, it is making it simple for people like you to help support us in this mission.

Any Profit will primarily go toward compensating writers, web content team, and honorariums for other people who have typically been unpaid volunteers. Additional funds are allocated the talented photographers, models, makeup artists, stylists, retouchers that we commission for editorial features. Additional funds are Because we--and hopefully you too--believe that this type of work has value beyond simple commodification and consumption; fashion, art and design are part of enriching our lives, inspiration for our creativity, and an expression of human ingenuity and craftsmanship.

Future goals, if we exceed our original monthly amount we aim for, include ...

Short-term goals :
  • Grow and listen to you, the community, to know what you would like to see more so we can find the voice of the audience.
  • Structure the website for easier UX with video integration.

Long-term goals :

  • At some point, we’d love to have one article or editorial daily, but also push the magazine's content beyond
  • Flanelle TV. Another thing we’d love to do is focus on growing an advertisement free youtube channel or video platform on our channel to give more space to art in motion

We appreciate each and everyone’s help. You can't help financially ? That's totally understandable. What you can do is follow our social media channels and/or share our posts and content


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