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About Flashcotton

Hi, I'm Lance Hengya, Lan for short. I'm a college student, artist, writer, and overall media enthusiast working towards a Cognitive Science degree and also financial independence. I also make a webcomic, which you can read here. I'm currently in the middle of a gap semester as I figure out how to balance all these aspects of my life, and I appreciate every contribution!

All final work I discuss the production of here will eventually see public release. Patrons just get sketches and development notes that I don't post elsewhere!

What I'm Listening To Wednesday: A minimix of some of the music I've been jamming to over the past week. Genre whiplash guaranteed. Comes with a handy YouTube link.

Sketchbook Saturday: A recent, completely unedited page from one of my sketchbooks. It won't be pretty, but you'll get some insight into my process!

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