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What is Flash Fiction? 

A flash fiction short-story is, by definition, a story written in 2,000 words or less. 

What is Flash Rag?

The Flash Rag is an annual publication printed in distributed in Austin Tx.  Flash Rag features serial and flash fiction of all genres and styles. 

Who is The Flash Fiction Society?
is a new collective of writers both located in Austin, Tx and found abroad. They are dedicated to writing flash and serial fiction of all genres and styles. The Flash Fiction Society is grateful for any contributions.

What is WeirdWriMo?
WeirdWriMo was started by Chelsea McGovern October 2019 to encourage herself to write more. Her mission is to encourage herself and other writers all over the world to be inspired and (spooked) by original chilling stories. 

Learn more about the event @

Why should I contribute to The Flash Fiction Society? 

1. You enjoy flash/serial fiction and want to PAY our authors for their HARD WORK and give them an avenue to make more content FOR YOU. 

Note: All authors who contribute to our content get a percentage of donation payment, based on their average contributions. If you want to donate to an author directly, please contact me through Patreon and I can give you the best way to get in contact with them. We give full credit to all of our authors. 

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