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"I outstretch my arms to the wind, the sea, the stars,
for they too know this wild urge of revelation.
Secret breezes known only to the unclothed."

Flash the Abyss is a photographic journey dedicated to removing boundaries between woman and... whatever she chooses.

We are Alyssa Aparicio and Erik Talltree Butts, respectively. Together and separately we are visual artists-- Erik an Emmy award winning videographer and photographer, and Alyssa an accomplished model, dancer, and writer. We are madly in love and thus partners in adventure on the open road. Flash The Abyss began organically as something we did for fun and marked our experiences in breathtaking locations with.

We are avid travelers and conscious art creators. This series gives our adventure a sense of purpose and has since taken on a life of its own. To us it is very much intertwined with a passion for empowering the inner Goddess to thrive, to elevate the importance of our connection to Nature, and to live a little more freely at large.

Our idea for our next series/book, Flash The Abyss Provocatio (meaning provoke in Latin) developed as we were thinking of a way to juxtapose the freedom of this symbolic gesture (the flash) and the history of ancient Europe where the origins of what we consider taboo here in the States seemingly originated.

So we have decided to put everything in storage and head to Europe for a few months, or as long as Europe will have us. There we will take photographs in the most breathtaking of landscapes where our itinerary includes Greece, Croatia, and Spain.

In addition to making money to keep ourselves afloat as artists, it can be difficult to fund a trip such as this and all that it entails: taking time off work, moving out of our apartment and putting things in storage, risking not having work when we return etc. Thus we are taking a leap of faith in pursuit of our dreams. We are asking for your support as we grow this series and ourselves as artists. In turn, we look forward to sharing our images and messages from the road. 

We hope you enjoy our photo series as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it. So much so that you desire to celebrate with your contribution. 

For our previous series and photos see our website: 
Flash The Abyss
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With your love and support, we will be able to go further, climb higher, reach the secret coves that would otherwise be just out of reach. Overall, keeping us in your hearts would help to keep us focused on our project rather than being occupied by finding work where we can get it. Each image, phrase, intention will be all the more richer because you are contributing to our art and its higher purpose. And we will overflow with gratitude for your generosity with each majestic sunrise and prismatic sunset.
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