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Thank you so much for your support. It's greatly appreciated! You will receive an exclusive "Patron Only" written flower pattern every month. 
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Thank you for supporting me. It is highly appreciated! For your support, you'll receive an exclusive "Patron Only" flower pattern with lots of images every month. You'll also get updates on the next upcoming flower before it goes public. Once my goal has been met and you support me throughout my goal, you'll receive a free membership for 1 month when my website goes live.
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Thank you for supporting me.You are awesome! For your support, you'll receive an exclusive "Patron Only" flower pattern with lots of images every month that shows you step by step how to complete the flower for that month. You'll also get updates on the next upcoming flower before it goes public. Additionally, you'll be entered in a monthly contest for a chance to win a prize. Once my goal has been met and you support me throughout my goal, you'll receive a free membership for 2 months when my website goes live.




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Note: For members that are following me on my social media sites and have joined my Facebook group, please know that my patterns will always remain free. Patreon is simply for crafters who'd like to go behind the scenes and see exactly how things happen. It is also for those who are interested in the details of the more complexed flowers. Your support will help get things going much faster!

Hi Everyone,

I'd like to first thank you for taking the time to visit my Patreon page. Your contribution means a lot as it can literally change our lives no matter how small your contribution may be. I truly intend to give back to my community. I'm Leticia, a passionate Crochet Flower Artist. My unique crochet flowers are just my way of doing it, and I'm delighted to be able to continue sharing that with you. My biggest inspiration comes directly from the beautiful flower itself. I think it's the best way to replicate such a beauty. I truly believe that the greatest artists are those who conceptualize their work and make it their own unique creation. With that said, my goal is to create crochet flower patterns that will inspire your creative side. I learn new things every day and I'm thrilled to share such an incredible craft with you.

I'm extremely passionate about every kind of flower you can think of, and I intend to make as much of them while I can. I've got huge goals for creating a crochet flower community full of joy and happiness. One where you can hang out while learning how to make unique crochet flowers using different mediums. Share your works with fellow crafters and build relationships. Lets not forget all the opportunities to win contests and giveaways! Take the journey behind the scenes with me, and learn an abundance of techniques to make your flowers look next to real!

Why Am I On Patreon?

Creating a community is the main purpose of building my website. I intend to spread the art of crochet flowers throughout the world and share it with those that live the same interest. I aim to create a special place where we can all connect and share our passions. I've already started working on building this special place. However, supportive patrons like you will be able to help this community skyrocket! I'm currently creating brand new patterns both written and recorded that I'll be sharing on the website every week, or perhaps twice a week. Think of this special website as a retreat where we hang out and share our thoughts and creations with each other. I'll be creating videos as well as bonus videos demonstrating how you can use your flowers to create wonderful gifts. You'll make great keepsakes and much more than you can imagine.  

Making videos is one of the big goals, and with your help we can make this happen sooner! It will also make it easier to follow along with the patterns. In the near future I plan to do workshops, and I know that I won't be able to reach out to everyone with the same interest. My website will be a perfect tool to help us stay connected!

Access My Free Patterns On Facebook To Get A Feel Of What I Do

Feeling doubtful? I strongly suggest that you join my brand new Facebook group of only 5 months with over 400 members where I'm already sharing some of my best flowers absolutely free. Please note that the flowers I will be sharing with my patrons on Patreon, is separate from those that I share on Facebook. On Patreon, I create an exclusive set of flowers for patrons only. Become a patron today and get updated with my secret agenda of upcoming unbelievable, off-the-record flower patterns.

Don't miss out on this inspiring journey to create a garden of surprisingly beautiful crochet flowers! I guarantee you'll be delighted. Besides, let's not forget what crochet can do for your health as it helps to relax the mind with meditation and keep you grounded. It will be worthwhile!

I'm so excited about sharing my patterns with you! See you on the inside! :)

Thanks for stopping by,


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My goal is to create a fabulous crochet flower community where we can all connect and learn the techniques to create life-like flowers. I am so determined and excited to get this community site up and running! When my goal have been reached, and my Members Only Website is complete, I will give qualified patrons a free membership to my website. Patron level determines how long the membership lasts. This will allow you to access everything that goes on behind the scenes including all new crochet flower patterns absolutely free! Feel free to check out my brand new Facebook Group with over 400 members already creating beautiful flowers.
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