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Writing snippets, ahoy!

I love sharing pieces of what I'm working on, and, despite being the procrastinator I am, I'm actually working on quite a few things!

I'll share a snippet from a fic, either one I'm currently working on, or one I have backlogged.

Also, get glimpses of my reviews and essays before they're finished.

Absolutely Fascinating
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Sneak peek of fics!

You'll see all my fics chapter by chapter as I write them!  This includes everything I post for fic challenges as well as my regular stuff.  You'll also get to see essays and reviews before they go live.
Heart of the Cards
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Read fully edited fics before publishing!

That's right, you can see the final products of all my fics, reviews, and major posts first!

Plus first look (listen?) to my audio posts (as they come).  Also, you can give me prompts for what kinds of things you'd like to see me talk about (certain movies, fandoms, badfic, etc.)




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About Fleet Sparrow

If you know me, you know I have a slightly bizarre and mildly caustic sense of humor, and also that I write super cool things (why, no, I'm not modest at all about that, whoops).  I have some new things in mind to try that should be able to encapture all of the above into actual productivity.

On the writing side, I'm going to endeavor to put out more fanfic and begin short original fic.  In order to increase the amount getting published, I'm going to try and keep all writing relatively short (for me, anyway).  I'll also be doing book reviews (good and bad books, 'cause man, I'll read them all).

I also make Perler Bead creations, and would really love a chance to expand my range and skill.  Plus, there will be a physical reward where you can request creations you want to see and have!

So, if this is something you'd like to see, or if there's something ELSE you'd like to see here, too, come on down and we'll see what happens!
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If I could make this, it would ease up some of the stress on my financial-wise, and would allow me to create more content for y'all.  More stories and fics would definitely be started.
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