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About Ian Dawson

Hello, everyone!

My name is Ian, otherwise known as Flik to the online world, and I run a gaming focused YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/flikffxi) and Twitch channel (http://twitch.tv/fliksgmaingstuff). Recently I've also created a Tabletop Gaming focused channel (https://www.youtube.com/FliksTabletopGaming) I've been creating gaming content on YouTube for over 10 years and almost 3 years on Twitch and, due to living in a very rural area where not many jobs are available, have been trying to make content creation my primary source of income for the last couple of years.

On Youtube ad revenue is at an all time low and I refuse to resort to click-bait thumbnails, titles or other tacky stuff to compensate. I want to prove doing things ethically and by the book can work. I've come to Patreon to give viewers of my content a hugely significant chance to contribute to allowing me to carry on providing gaming related entertainment daily. Even just a dollar can be the of equivalent advert revenue for a single person.

I hope there's something for everyone on Flik's Gaming Stuff or Flik's Tabletop Gaming or the streams on Twitch but I know I can't please everyone. Along with first impressions, reviews, unboxings and vlogs I also produce full length playthroughs of PC and console games. Some stand out shows/series on my channel include: Let's look at, An Hour of..., Dark Souls games, Monster Hunter games, and many rogue-like indie titles. What you won't find on my channel (for better or worse) is scare/rage face-cam let's plays. My audience is generally on the mature side and I like it that way. On the tabletop channel I produce painting videos, battle reports and more nerdy style content.

Whether you've stumbled upon this page having already seen my content or if you have never heard of me thank you for taking the time to at least read this little introduction and if you do decide to become a Patron of what I do then know that I will both appreciate it and put the funding to good use.

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If we reach this pledge level it will help keep secure the ability to continue to produce content at the level I do now both in video and livestream form.
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