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Hey man lets go rogue! No sub button so ill make my own. This is a way to show twitch I should be partnered. Also it helps with my wife's purse fetish. :)
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Your sub supports the bullpen, as well as gets your name on the "True Bullpener" Sub crawl on my twitch stream. Don't forget to give me your Twitch handle!
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Ok Why Not for tier 2 (10$) rewards ill do a video for a specific question you ask me. Ask about poker, my life, hearthstone whatever long as its not offensive.
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Tier 3 hmmmmmm idk best of 3 hearthstone match? Or maybe a bankroll strategy to fit your roll? Suggest on stream and if its a good one why not? You tell me :)
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Top 5 questions I get will be answered In a video for all patreon subs
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