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is creating Short Films, Promotional Videos, Behind the Scenes.
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About FLNY Productions


FLNY Productions is a small startup media business that has aspirations to become larger scale. My name is Frank, and I own the dream. 

Some of the things you should expect to see could be any of the following;
- Short Films
- Skits
- Promotional Videos & Advertisements
- Behind the Scenes Videos...duh.

And lastly, the most important thing...a fun time. I try to base my videos around what my audience wants, and through different types of Vlogs and BTS, I can connect with you guys.

So, thank you for checking out my Patreon, and if you feel it in your heart, subscribe!
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I'm dreaming big for my first major goal on Patreon.

The money will not be going to anything other than buying myself a decent gimbal for a DSLR. Having one will surely increase the quality of content being put out.
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