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Thank you for giving something! Every little bit helps! Let me send you a sticker & a keychain! Plus your name goes on the thank you page!
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  • Early Access to FlockUpdate
  • 20% off Coupon for FlockHosting Services
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Hi I'm Chuck!
For some of you visiting you are very much aware of who I am, what I do and my goal for churches! Well if you are not familiar with who I am, let me give you a quick rundown of what I am on Patreon to do!

The Goal of this Patreon

The plan is quite simple, I want to really build up Church Hosting and let others in on the blessing of providing churches of all sizes a place to host their website & email eliminating their bills, but too I'd love to see it grow to include more advanced features for example:

  • Exchange Email Services
  • Cloud Sync Services for Churches
  • Media Streaming Services
  • Church Management Software
  • Web Design Services (No-Cost)
  • SEO Help
  • Social Network Marketing Guides
  • In-House "Getting Started" videos!
  • ... to name a few!
I am looking for folks who want to support this wild idea monthly with some perks for you too! Some folks may be passionate about a lot of different things but when it comes to providing this for churches? Oh I get excited! This is a passion for me!

How you can support

No guilt. First and foremost I'd ask you to prayerfully consider in giving! I don't want there to be any guilt in any of this! I'll be keeping you all up-to-date with a monthly blog for all of you who support, giving you an idea what we are doing, and how we are growing things!

Any amount helps, but ultimately I'd love your prayers just as much! I'm balancing the role of business owner, husband and father, so keeping me lifted up helps a lot too even if you can only spare $1 a month.

Watch the Video

I'd love it if you could watch the video, it's made to give you guys a more visible display of my heart! Good things are coming, and God is working, let's empower churches to grow not investing in thousands of dollars in to huge sites and huge upkeep in which they can be blessed at no cost! Let's keep this 6 years of hosting going! Let's see Church Hosting celebrate it's 15th birthday like FlockHosting did and have a HUGE surge of growth!
$9 of $300 per month
Once we get to $300 a month I'll be adding Email Hosting to Church Hosting options so churches who maybe don't need a website but need more robust email, will have email access! 
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