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Hi everyone! It's me Floe! So basically i'm launching this Patreon to try and help continue to make this whole thing more sustainable and give you guys an extra chance to support the content that I create and enjoy with all of you!  

This is 100% only if you want to do a little extra to help make this whole dream a reality so I can keep streaming every single day just the way we have been for years and years to come!
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So this doesn't actually give you anything besides my undying love (which really is priceless isn't it?) and my unending thanks.
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This one buys a little bit more of my love but still doesn't really get you much else (or anything) but could not be appreciated any more.
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Omg ok apparently it can be appreciated even more thank you so much
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I'm running out of love to give but for you I saved a special reserve chunk
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Comon now you're getting crazy my love is going to overfloe (see what I did there) very soon
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Ok you got it. All the love just for you. You're crazy. But amazing and ILU <3
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You aren't going to do this and I don't blame you but if you do...the love...the love is just...unsurmountable (I think that's a word) shit i'll even draw you a personalized MSPaint drawing of your choosing during a stream (yeah I know definitely not worth it...or is it?!)

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