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About Florian Pascual

Hi ! :)

I am a 23 years old colorblind photographer based in southern France.
My work is widely focused on eye contact. My main series "Scarf And Faces" is the perfect representation of my work, framing the gaze to enhance it.
I would like to release my first photography book with all of the photos from my "Scarf And Faces" series but I definitely have to travel more and meet more interesting people to make this dream come true :)

"The Soul" from my "Scarf And Faces" series

I have had a lot of problems due to my color deficiency since I began my work. I cannot distinguish red and green shades which is a major setback for a photographer/retoucher. Instead of choosing the easiest way by creating only black and white pictures, I wanted to fight against my issue so I developed a process for being the most accurate as possible at choosing colors.
With years of time, I have managed to be 90% accurate.

"Valensole." Colors are not my big enemy anymore :)

I am currently a french student in my 4th year in the artificial intelligence field but it bores me. I feel something inside me, saying that I have been created to make art for something other than programs and algorithms.
This Patreon page is all about that; to really convince myself and also my family that I can live through my passion.

I want to dedicate my life to bringing poetry to this world.
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100 dollars is already HUGE for a student like me :D

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