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If you just want to be a part of this :) It's much appreciated
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Knights and Knighdettes(?) get more insight (behind the scenes) of how my projects work, how i make them an how I want to make Labo better
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Queens and Kings get full behind the scenes info PLUS ANY files I use for my projects (.png, .jpeg, .psd and hopefully the garage blueprints later on).




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I really love the idea and the creative potential of Nintendo Labo. I loved to code silly small games when I was in school and I also always liked to create something - more "useable" than just decorative - out of any material. So Labo is a amazing combination of these two passions for me. 
With my first project, a kind of kids / party game for Nintendo Labo, I want to show a glimpse of what I think is possible with Labo.
I want to find a way to share this and other projects with people by really giving them the possibility to have them at home without them needing programming skills and only basic "building" skills.
I have many Ideas how to make Labo - or mainly the DIY "Garage" option - even better and more usable and popular, so I hope to gain enough attention with this to reach out to Nintendo with my Ideas. 
I would be very happy if YOU want to help me with these things by supporting me or even just following me or sharing my page on social media.

[disclaimer: please excuse any language fails - english is not my first language]
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Hello World - gaining some basic attention for what I want to do with this
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts

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