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This is now a 'pay what you can' page, so feel free to pledge however much you fancy. I'm just happy to have you here!

All Patrons get access to my rough sketches, WIPs, and exclusive drawings. You'll also get to take part in regular polls to decide what I draw, plus you get a 10% discount on commissions.




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About flurgburgler

Hey I’m Anna and I draw things.

If you like what I do and you'd like to see more, pledging your support will give you access to all my behind-the-scenes stuff––rough sketches, WIPs, tutorials etc. You get to see everything I draw before I post it anywhere else, plus you'll get a 10% discount on my commission prices, all year round.

This money genuinely helps me pay my rent, so I am incredibly thankful to everyone who signs up, and I hope you'll enjoy all this silly page has to offer.
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$200 a month would be incredible, you guys! All Patrons will be entered into a prize draw, and the winner will get a free commission, which I'll then have made into a print and shipped to them free of charge. Runner-up prizes will be available too (TBD!)
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