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Thank you! You will get access to my Activity feed where I will post something inspiring, the process of video-making, or sound-recording.
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HUGE Thank you! For every 25$ given to me I will donate 5$ to a charity (for 50$- 10$ to the charity and so on). I don't know if it's a reward, it's more like an FYI that if you support me, you will most likely support an animal or a tree too :) I will post where I donated on my Activity feed.




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This is me.
How did I end up here? I was thinking for a long time whether I should do this Patreon thing or not? Whether to upload all of the content at once for the page to look great straight-away, or do it bit by bit? But who's gonna like it if it looks ugly at the beginning? And what if nobody wants to look at what I do? And what should I give to those who actually do want to look at what I do? And what if I promise to give something and then I get hit by a car and the person never receives my promise?
And eventually I decided 'ta hell with those questions', if I keep thinking like that I will never do anything. So I'll try. And if I fail...oh well, I'll go backpacking.
And so, pardon me if I am not as cool, social, or giving as the other creators here. I'll get there, I'm still learning. 
What do I do? For now mostly 2D animation, and mostly somehow related to environment (because I'm a bit of a green person). But I just ordered a sound recorder and whoop whoop, will do some video with good sound stuff! 
The Plan. Since I am a full-time corporation worker, workaholic by nature (plus i have friends, and friends have birthdays, weddings, babies), I rarely have time to create, this is why there won't be many videos here at the beginning, but I intend to change it someday. Deciding to have this page was step one. Now if I have people believing in me and expecting me to continue creating, I will feel more motivated. So hopefully one beautiful day I will be able to earn from this enough to travel and create from any place in the world! more time to create=more skills=more creations=more travel=more inspiration=yeeeeeey!
You. You can help me execute The Plan. I don't expect you to do that, but if you actually liked what I do and chose to support me, I am infinitely grateful! Once I think of any other ways to say thank you, I will post them for sure.

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