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About Flying Mammals

Yo, Yo, Yo!!!!
Flying Mammals is super excited about our new creative process! We will continue to tour internationally as well as, continuing to create new songs and videos. However, we will now be focusing on bringing you new songs and videos every month! With support from all of our awesome fans and patrons, we will release new material as it gets created! You can choose your level of support which allows you exclusive access to our new material, and tons of extras!

What the heck is this about:
We have had successful Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns but this is totally different! Patreon is set up to provide ongoing support to content creators and bla, bla, bla...... you are already on the site so you have probably looked into it already! Basically, we are committed to bringing you new music and new videos each month and we are excited to share the process with you!

new FM content:
Each month we will release professionally recorded Original Songs, Music Videos, Cover Videos, and eventually, Webisodes!
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After a lot of touring our equipment has seen some damage! Some of it will just get upgraded and replaced, and some of it (like the vintage amps) will just need some tune ups.
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