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Climate change is a serious reality that will affect us all. I have lived in Florida since 1948 and also Philadelphia, San Francisco and Oklahoma City. 

While traveling I have seen deforestation, erosion, hurricanes and fires and oil rigs and refineries on tops of mountains.

I have lived through many hurricanes and the blackouts and the fallen trees and seen the frustration and despair on people’s faces afterwards.

I am 77 and retired as a professional FileMaker database creator and consultant. I still tinker and some of the apps will be featured here.

I want to travel the coast of Florida and photograph the changes that the rising sea level is causing. Go to Key West and see what is happening to the homes built on the ocean. Revisit the many places I photographed years ago and see how they’ve changed.

Your support will enable this citizen photographer with no agenda or script to create photographs and videos that are based on what I see and not a scripted short clip for an eye-catching headline on the TV news.

I spent a year of my time and money photographing and taking videos of the Lobate Lac Scale, a native of Sri Lanka, that began below Dade County 20 years ago and by 2008 had moved northward into Palm Beach County. It kills some trees over a period of a year or so whose branches are suitable for its nesting. It would be interesting to return and see what has happened since then.

I’ve lived in Tallahassee for two years and during that time I’ve chronicled the life span of one beautiful flower, a thorny vine that is devastating trees and poses a fire hazard, tent caterpillars and other bugs. I was surprised when a tiny hummingbird photobombed a flower I was photographing.

Your support will enable continued photography and creation of apps for iPhone and iPad, soon for Android. The also work on Macintosh and Windows.

Thanks for reading...

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