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About the film Father of Nations
After suffering a global, catastrophic event; humanity is on the verge of extinction. The monuments of man lay in ruin; the fume choking out all life. Children rarely survive, infant mortality rate at an all time high, and those who remain try to make sense of everything that has come before and what is yet to come.

Haven, the last functioning colony of survivors, has become the hope for those who wander the wasteland; with many believing that it is the final chance for humanity to rebuild. Others believe that the world has become unsustainable of life and it is only a matter of time before the last chapter of humanity is written.

It is within this austere post-apocalyptic world, that Father of Nations ponders some of life’s most timeless and challenging questions about life, hope and death. This film, almost like a prayer of deep humility, is not afraid to ask questions of God; ones born out of the extreme and desperate reality of the characters but also with the innocent wonder of a child.

Thank you, we are overwhelmed by the support for this film. All of the contributions have made such a difference in enabling us to continue to move through production to bring this film to the big screen. It is our goal to create a film that is powerful; both rich in beauty and unwavering in it’s honesty. We hope that all those who experience the film, whether as a part of it’s production or as a viewer, will have their lives touched in a profound way. Perhaps finding themselves challenged to deeply consider in what or who they put their trust and hope, and to reconnect with the wonder and excitement of life that is so easily lost in our world today.

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Production Expenses:

Travel Expenses 
Due to the nature of the project, it requires us to be far away from home base. 

Meal Expenses 
To ensure our cast & crew are well nourished.

Production Design 
Hair, make-up & wardrobe. Set decorating and construction. 

Equipment & Rentals 
To enhance the production quality and create the film we have envisioned.  
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