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You'll get to see a bunch of our recordings which we don't put up elsewhere, plus the occasional preview on stuff we're working on.
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Y'all can see literally everything we record/come up with. Demos, original songs, cover recordings we don't put out, pictures of our toes, you name it. Granted, we won't be releasing crazy amounts of stuff super fast, but whenever we do pretty much anything, you can see it. Also you will get a mention along with one of our posts unless you want to be kept anonymous. How's that for mediocre?




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We're just two teenagers playing and occasionally writing jazz. Whilst this is a side thing for both of us we do still try to play gigs as often as possible and in order to produce better recordings as well as have a cleaner live sound, we need to meet some basic gear requirements, which we can't as is since we don't have much in the way of disposable income. If that didn't make you feel like we're worthless beggars feel free to donate. Thank you :P
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This goal is kinda arbitrary, but this is basically us trying to accrue around 600 quid for a Roland V-09, which would mean that our piano that we use at gigs would actually sound like a piano. It also packs a lot of essentials that would take us into the thousands were we to get them all individually, also giving us a killer organ and some nice Wurlitzer goodness (and dat sweet sweet clav). So yeah. That's... like... the thing.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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