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Started as a guitar player - now an aspring producer. Almost all of the time, I can hear melodies in my head. Patterns in music fascinate me. A variety of genres have influenced me - blues, classical, metal, electronic, to name a few.
Where I am from, most of the people don't like to listen to my favourite artists; they say that they can't understand MY TYPE of music, which is instrumental music. The greatest achievement for a musician is when he/she can make someone feel something, which people can relate to. It's surprising where instrumental music can take you to while you are just sitting in one place.
If any of my music makes anyone feel something (except time wasted), I am glad about it. I have a job, but I can't make enough off of it. Money is not needed to make music, but time surely is required for a good composition.
I believe my compositions can stand out, given the time and the opportunities. Currently I am still improving on my production skills.
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When I raise $200, I will buy a pair of good mixing headphones so that my music can sound more commercial.
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