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About Toi Smith

The Problem

It's no secret that we live in a society that has made it extremely difficult for women to become self-actualized. Women continue to be met with overwhelming levels of inequality at all major societal intersections, yet we still fight relentlessly for change.

While we fight for change and the dismantling of oppressive systems meant to keep us small, how are women simultaneously supposed to ensure that we are flourishing?

This the question we were created to answer.

Our Solution

Forever Flourishing is all about honoring, celebrating, and championing women. We believe women are the shit. We also believe that all women - no matter their age, race, or ideology - should be vocal about their greatness and work towards self-actualization, even while fighting to smash the various systems that bind us. all ways.

Launching in early 2018, Forever Flourishing will be a one-stop shop of soul nourishment created for women by women offering community, online courses, merchandise, a podcast and much more - all created with the goal of keeping women fueled and supported as we navigate our journey through this society...because we all deserve to flourish.

Our Planned Work

Community, in general, is important to the health of all individuals but it is extremely important to the health of women because womanhood inside a society with such inequality can sometimes make women feel isolated and alone. Our online and local communities will give women a safe, empowering space, to express who they are, form meaningful relationships with like-minded women, and give a voice to issues and things that are affecting them on a daily basis.

Healthy Media
Media is one of the most persuasive forces shaping our cultural norms and in regards to women, it tends to force women into a box of perfection. We know how powerful, courageous, and creative almost all women are so we will create, curate, and advocate for content displaying just that. 

Working towards self-actualization means working on yourself. This means doing deep inner work to acknowledge and release the various ways we as women have been conditioned and trained to live small, obedient, lives. This work is best done with a professional in order to help guide and nurture the journey so we will provide programs and access to leading professionals who can facilitate this.

Our Planned Offerings/Services

Women are a multi-faceted demographic, with transitory and shifting needs. Our chief goal is to support women through whichever phase of womanhood they currently find themselves in the hopes it propels them to the next level of greatness. We will do this by providing a variety, but extremely targeted, group of services each created with the overall objective of helping women flourish.
  • Podcast
  • Merchandise 
  • Online Magazine via Medium
  • Online Community
  • Online Courses and 1:1 Coaching
  • Live Events
  • Wellness and Childcare Fund
  • Meal Planning Service

Where We're Starting

As you can see from up above, there are a lot of elements contributing to the whole of Forever Flourishing. With that said, we won't be starting with everything all at once, we have a targeted plan to slowly introduce each element over the next 18 months. Below are the 3 items we will be launching with when we open our virtual doors in early 2018.

The Forever Flourishing Podcast
A podcast honoring and celebrating the journey that is womanhood. Born out of the notion that every woman has an abundance of wisdom to share, I will sit down with amazing women who challenge and inspire me. From women who are close friends or family members to women I'm just getting to know, the Forever Flourishing podcast will shine a light on how women continue to flourish despite it all.

The Forever Flourishing T-Shirt Line
We will create and sell dope, somewhat edgy, divinely inspirational merchandise aimed at women who aren't afraid of being vocal about their greatness.  

The Forever Flourishing Online Magazine (via Medium)
Our magazine will celebrate the work, beauty, and strength found inside womanhood. It is the goal of our magazine to be at the forefront for women who are looking for content that speaks directly to them and is created directly for them. From parenting tips to financial education, to
sex & relationships, we will touch on all aspects of womanhood with respect, truth, and a large dose of finesse. We also will make it a top priority to highlight the perspective of black and brown women.

Why We Need You

The work we are looking to do with Forever Flourishing is big, powerful, and radical. We want to empower women to shake shit up and tear shit down. We want to support women at all avenues of their journey and do it in a way that is both nurturing and sustaining - and all of this costs money. We could go a traditional route and try to secure funding for this venture but that doesn't feel good to us - community feels good to us. So here we are asking you to help us make this thing possible.

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