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Daily Buys and Sells Using Our Patented Forex Signals for producing daily income. No charting required. We focus on 30-60 pips per trade. 1-2 signals per day. 




(this is for people who already know a little bit about Forex trading)

Everything you think you've learned about Forex is wrong.

Everything you've read online...every video from that "forex guru" on youtube is not telling you the TRUTH about how to make CONSISTENT money trading Forex. Sure, you may have had a few good trades.

But are you making consistent money trading forex? Daily-Weekly income that you can depend on?

We have.

There are only 3 factors that matter when it comes to making daily income. These factors are not readily available online. No forex guru revealed them to us. These are factors that we borrowed from our very successful stock trading system that allowed us to short Apple when nobody else did. The same system that alerted us to Facebook when FB stock was $28. The same system that alerted us to Micron, when Micron stock was $8. There were 23 factors required to make money trading stocks. But only 2 required to make daily consistent money with Forex.


So years ago we stopped trading stocks (and just held them). Now we day trade Forex. And we

make daily income of $300 to $1200.

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Unlike stocks or options, we feel that the every day business man, stay at home mom and dad, digital nomad, dentist, doctor, fitness instructor, or even the sanitation specialist can follow the FOREXGEN system.

You must know how to enter a forex trade. And you must have a forex broker. is our preferred broker. You can also check out and Charles Schwab.

All you need is a cell phone. No Macbook required. No 4 screens and a TV. No time away from your family. It takes 24 seconds to enter one of our alerts. Our system is simple and private. We provide one or two signals per day. We aim for 30-60 pips per trade. With the proper investment capital (A MINIMUM OF 10K) each signal pays from $100 to $1200 PER TRADE.

Joining Forex Generation allows you to receive the DAILY Forex Signals and Buy and Sell alerts in real time via our private channel. We tell you when to get in, ad when to get out. We present the most consistent signals with over a 90% win ratio. Take a look at some of our most recent trades. (Ask the other forex signals website to show you actual trades from an ACTUAL ACCOUNT)

Actual trades.
In the first week of April our system generated over $3000
On 3.28 our signals generated over $3000 in 24 Hrs. 
On 3.21.18 our signals generated over $1500 in one session
On 3.22.18 our signals generated at least $1000
Another over $600 here
Another over $1200 here
Another over $2000 in one day here
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We don't fluff. 

Whether your goal is to to make daily income, or increase your portfolio month by month, the FOREXGEN system will work for you. 
You must have at least $10,000 in Fiat dollars (USD/EUR/GBP) to maximize our signals. (The above numbers are with $100,000 invested) We have found that this number allows for a greater chance of success. 

If you've been losing with Forex trading. or you want to experience the freedom of trading with a cell phone from anywhere in the world.If you want more consistent trading. If you want another stream of income. Join Forex Generation. If you have questions, email us at [email protected]

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