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Welcome to the Patreon page for “The Forgotten Order”, a fantasy comic that follows the story of a hapless fauni witch and her unwilling servant- a cursed doll. One struggles to find her place in a world of magic, the other simply wants to be free of it. Updated every Monday! Take a look!

Your support helps me cover expenses such as comic and web hosting costs and also allows me to continue updating the Forgotten Order every week with a new full color page! Subscribers get access to special content such as behind the scenes blog posts, sketches, and more. Continued support will potentially unlock milestones and create new and exciting bonus story content for the comic! Yay

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Magical Initiate: Every little bit helps, you have my sincere gratitude! Access to unlocked milestones (ex: secret blog and live stream updates).
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Fauni Fan: The first time you donate I will mail you a special post card with a thank you message and little sketch! After that you will receive seasonal thank you cards on certain holidays (for example Winter holiday, Halloween, ect). Access to unlocked milestones.
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Tower Mage: At this level you will receive The Forgotten Order e-book and have access to pdfs of new chapters as they are released.
This reward level also includes thank you post card and access to unlocked milestones.
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The Academic: Those who pledge at this level will receive direct art critique and portfolio advice from me (for 2D art, comics, and game industry related advice). I will do my best to work with you to improve your current skill set or even give helpful feedback on creating your own comics. I will also give you access to some of my comic/game art master files and PS brush sets.
Please be aware this not a structured course.
This reward level also includes thank you post card and access to unlocked milestones.
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Fey Inquisitor: If you've chosen this donation level i can only assume you are some kinda of wonderful crazy person. You will be listed as a high level Patron on my site as-well-as any print books Forgotten Order may come out with. I will also probably draw something nice and mail it to you.
This reward level also includes thank you post cards and access to unlocked milestones.
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More pages from Trystan's books shall be made. Learn more about the Fauni King and his troublesome children!
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