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About Forteheim

Hello, and thank you for checking out Forteheim's Patreon page! We're an independent music production company looking to spread our creations across the web. We do our best to look and appear professional, but in truth we're a very low-budget affair managed by a single person.

We create original video game-like music and release it on Youtube for free. As for now, our activity and growth is entirely dependent on ad revenue and community support. We'll always do our best to create original high-quality music for you and fellow listeners to enjoy, but of course every contribution helps us to continue and grow. Here's where you can make a difference.

By supporting us here on Patreon you'll not only have our sincere gratitude, but you're also offered a deeper engagement with Forteheim through the rewards listed on this Patreon page of ours. You can get access to patron-only news, FAQ sessions with the composer(s) and more. And even if providing this kind of support isn't your cup of tea, you can still help us by watching and sharing our videos and following us on social media. 

Every little bit helps!

Thank you very much for checking out Forteheim's Patreon page!

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