is creating maps and other content for RTS games
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  • Sharing your gameplay videos. If you had an epic game on some of the maps, send a link in, and it will be shared with rest of the community
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About ForwardCreating

Are you passionate about some of the best classic  RTS games: 
    WarCraft 3, C&C Zero Hour, Stronghold Crusader, Red Alert - Yuri, Sins Of Solar Empire,
and other like these? 
Well then, it's your lucky day, or maybe once a month lucky day, because we will be bringing some new super fun time with those. Expect 'design in process' PICS, preview VIDS, brand new MAPS,...

(There are some whole games in plan, but JUST ideas OK... For now...)

        About Patreon. 
        It's a way for you to help support creators! It's like Kickstarter campaign, you can pledge to give an amount that you decide, to help me keep creating the high quality RTS games maps and other content

        Background story
        For years, just as a hobby, a bit of a challenge, been playing around with all sorts of world builders. One day just decide that I might share it with some like minded group of awesome people, and make it sustainable in long run.
        Thank you for you interest, you are awesome. Hope your stay with us, will be a memorable one. Can't wait for fun to start :p

        Best wishes!
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New map
Every month a brand new map for evergreen classics like:
Warcraft III, C&C Zero Hour, Stronghold Crusader, RA2 Yuri,...
Gameplay of epic battle brawls in a form of a desktop \nd mobile wallpapers
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