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Get access to my internal brain ramblings on what things to change, technobabble as I ponder & test hardware for improving the Kitten Cam experience, etc.
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Toys! Why do toys cost so much? I spend $20-$40 per kitten on graduation toys to take home to their new homes. This helps to offset that in addition to my internal ramblings.
Mama Bear
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Fostering is hard work. Running a Kitten Cam is hard work. Together, it can be exhausting. If you want to help defer some of the costs in electricity, hardware, software licenses, Internet costs, 3-4 litter pans each litter, blankets (lasts 1-3 litters), paper & clay litter, toys, cat towers, etc. and in addition get to access my internal ramblings.




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About Foster Dad John

Fostering cats & kittens is a passion of mine and I have been taking care of young & old kitties alike pretty much non-stop since 2008. Shortly after, I added a web cam so I could keep an eye on my fosters when I'm not home and see how my semi-ferals were acting when I wasn't in there - and I had the thought that if I can watch them, why not let others? And so the first ongoing Kitten Cam was started in late 2011 and has been broadcasting foster cats & kittens 24x7 ever since.

Running a Kitten Cam isn't something you do if you want to make money. The hardware alone can costs thousands and the electricity to power those computers not to mention ISP costs, software licenses, etc. After being asked many times over the years how people can contribute towards the cam, I decided to create this Patreon. This wasn't an easy thing for me to do - accepting money from anyone is hard - and while I can afford it, it's not cheap for me to improve the Kitten Cam experience to where I want to take it.

I'd like to make one thing very clear - you don't have to contribute any money at all to enjoy the full Kitten Cam experience - every single view from every single cam will be available for you to enjoy.

Another point I'd like to make. If you have to choose between donating to a Animal Rescue or me, the Rescue should win every time. No contest!

The Main Cam PC is a custom built in 2016 (by me, I build computers for fun) is an Intel i7-6800K. The three secondary cams are Intel NUC's with an i7-7567U. All of the computers are being pushed to their limits by adding additional improvements to the Kitten Cam viewing experience with each cam generating 2 or 3 video feeds to YouTube totaling 11 video streams & almost half a TB of data every day. I'm looking to build a computer that will let me run multiple Virtual PC's (they act like actual computers but there's just one physical computer) so I can replace the multiple PC's with one and I can allocate resources such as CPU's & RAM as needed - if Cam 2 needs more processing power, I can give it an extra CPU core for example. To do that with a real computer means a new CPU or a new computer outright. This method will be far cheaper than replacing multiple PC's & multiple mini-PC's and future proof things (which means maybe 5-8 years). Most of the technobabble will be about this process and the research I'm doing on it. It's okay to just nod and look away if you don't understand. :)

Oh, if you were wondering how those semi-ferals were acting when I wasn't in the room, they were acting like normal kittens. :)

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