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About Lana Graves

I’m instagram model/photographer, have my own”dark” style-inspired by Victorian England ,18th century gothic cemeteries ,working with photoshop CS6 or Lightroom ,knowledge of retouching photos

Mostly I'm taking self portraits ,nature/plants, and 18th century UK cemeteries is one of my dark passions.
I hope that I have a unique atmospheric dark photo content, and I know that people love it, so I would love to create something more than a hobby/photo .
My purpose is to travel more across UK, to capture more beautiful architecture,dark aesthetic, self portrait ,to show the world how stunning are cemeteries and cathedrals in UK, and of course the nature such as Lake District (I’ve never been there,it’s one of my dreams)so please help me to reach the  goal .
Thank you for support. Dark creatutres!
dont forget to check instagram page @fourteeth.grave

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