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About Fourth

Hello, there! And nice to see you here! :-)

I am a freelance visual artist and a photographer. With my new friends, I am more known for my skills in events photography: wedding, prom/ball, etc. as I normally juggle around 4-6 events in a month. But only a few really know that I can draw and paint (and even sculpt!). I had never really found the time and the resources to pursue painting in the last 5 to 10 years as I was busy doing other stuff (like finishing a degree in Computer Science; going "mainstream"), well not until I found a new medium where I could channel my inner artist energy: a computer tablet. Actually, it was on my sister's classic iPod touch that I really started "painting" again. That's also the time when the spark and the inspiration to draw/paint was re-ignited. The digital drawing of the boxer Manny Pacquiao below, for example, is one of the first few digital arts I made when I first got my hands on a tablet/iTouch. Ever since I got reconnected to painting/drawing, my family has been encouraging me to create more.

In drawing and painting, my preference is usually toward modern and realistic art as you'll see in my future posts; but, I can definitely do other types of artwork (I thought that you should know, in case you wish to have something commissioned). I am both into digital and traditional paintings (most of the paintings back at my folks' place were done by me).

Anyway, I am here to share the art I create to the world and to my patrons. Of course, I am also here for your support---support to do pursue this passion to paint and draw; and, from a more practical perspective, support to enable me to acquire and afford the necessary equipment needed to keep on creating great art (traditional+digital).

Thank you so much for dropping by.
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I have always wanted to do art and photography ever since I was a kid. Ever grateful that I have been given this wonderful God-given talent; and I truly believe that it'd be a shame if I do not put it to good use. Many say that it is difficult to thrive as an artist, especially if one is from a developing country like the Philippines. Nevertheless, I want to pursue this passion, and I really hope that you can help me in this journey. This is why in this first goal, I just wish to prove those who are lukewarm and unsupportive of the idea wrong; but more importantly, I hope to inspire other freelance artists like myself to continue making art.
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