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give me a buck and i will hate you less than everyone else on the planet
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I will hate you less than those dollar cretin, god i hate those cheap freaks
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I will totally stop telling you to donate me money
(i will also draw you a cool picture of your OC)




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About Fowl Play

Welcome to DR Fowls charity for handsome chickens, gimme all your money.
I'm serious put the money in the bag and nobody gets hurt.
why give me money? well if you dont... I'LL SHANK YOU IN YOUR SLEEP.

here is a list of what you should give me
  1. money
  2. money
  3. money
  4. cash
  5. dosh
  6. dolla dolla bills yo
  7. cupcakes
  8. money
  9. some of dat green
  10. MONEY

(no violence is intended, all of the above description is in the character of DR Fowl)

I also make Games on the side, my current project "The Chicken Phone" has an page that you can follow here

I also have plans on another project that will be worked on after
$1 of $5 per month
a thank you in the credits of all my future games
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