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This is where I'll slap down some early access to comic pages! No less than 1 week in advance.
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This tier has things that exist in abstract. Character concepts, location concepts, and story concepts! Also page thumbnails , scrapped pages and other cool stuff like that.




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About Valentine


I'm Valentine, your friendly neighborhood bubblegum pink comic artist fox. I like making comics about ladies, space aliens, and mythology.

I currently run a webcomic named Pocket Space!  It's my first webcomic, and I'm learning a lot while creating it! I'd love to share my processes, my trials and errors, and behind-the-scenes things with you through this patreon! Eventually I'd love to start uploading sketch comics and one-offs that explore characters and places a little more.

For now I'll just be uploading early access to comic pages!  They'll be up to a week in advance.

I do work full time outside of comic making, but every patron helps me be able to devote more and more time to this project that means so much to me!

Thanks so much, and have a lovely day!
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If I reach $200 a month, I'll be able to update Pocket Space twice weekly (mondays and fridays!)
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