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Don't want to spend that much money but still want to support me? No problem! If you choose this monthly pledge, you'll earn my undying gratitude! *-* You will also be able to see Patron-Only content that I make.

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With this tier, you'll also get access to Patron-Only content. Plus, if you stick around long enough, that being 5 months, I'll draw you or whatever else you want to be drawn. ^^

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With this tier, you will get access to Patron-Only content that I make, and you will also get a drawing of your selfie. The little special you'll get after seven months and after eleven months is a surprise. 

It can be clothing, like a shirt, a hoodie, a dress, it can also be a little wooden box, painted with acrylic paint, or something completely different. But don't worry. You'll have the chance to pick between a few options, the final gift will be a surprise though. 

~Access to Patron-only content

~Drawing of your selfie

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Soooo. Who am I. I am one little girl with big dreams and I love creating stuff. It being a song, a drawing, a selfsewn dress or whatever else my brain feels like sharing with the world. I originally joined Patreon as a supporter, to support The Kao. (Check him out, he's a great artist and he made the icon that I'm using as my profile pic atm. *.*) But then I thought, why not give it a try? The materials that I need, especially for sewing new clothes, are pretty expensive. Good fabric, high quality fabric, costs a lot. So, having a little support would be pretty nice. :) If you decide to help me out a bit, I'll forever be thankful. <3
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I'm trying out something completely new here, to see how people will react to the content that I make. To motivate myself to keep going and to keep chasing my dreams. Cause it's sometimes not that easy to put effort into things that nobody appreciates.
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