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About Fox Tsai-Shen

You are on the magical Foxy page! I live in Russia.

I do fan-service and cosplay photo shoots every month to brighten the drab Russian existence *О*

Cosplay is not just my hobby and the way to share the original cosplay ideas, it's also my job. With only your support I can focus on creating content just for you!

What you get for supporting the charming Foxy?

It's not only access to my heart, but also to my Patreon page: exclusive fun selfies, photo shoots (I do at least two photo shoots per month), NSFW photos, backstages, costumes in progress, etc!

I also like stockings, straps, cute clothes, also outer space, fantasy, and so on ^_^

IMPORTANT: I can do one or more NSFW HD photo shoots. I edit photos myself, so sometimes the creation process may take some time. Please, be patient and respectful. I also ask you not to upload my Patreon photos anywhere, even to your personal accounts.

Based on your pledge, you can access to:

☆ Cosplay plans for a next month :3

☆ Selfie-pack with fun emotions (costest)!

☆ All photos from every new photo shoot.

☆ Personal sign just for you!

☆ Ability to vote for my next cosplay!

☆ Backstages from my photo shoots ^_^

☆ Fun, happiness, and cuteness charge

When do you get your rewards?

My Patreon page is based on monthly subscription: I'll send your rewards in first two weeks after your donation.


Select a membership level
Little foxy
per month
You will get:

- Patreon feed

- Two wallpapers (1920х1080)

- 20 selfie

Cute foxy
per month
You will get:

◘ Patreon feed

◘ Two wallpapers (1920х1080)

◘ 20 selfie 

  • Cosplay HQ full sets 

The magic foxy
per month

You will get:

  • Patreon feed
  • Two wallpapers (1920х1080)
  • 20 Selfie
  • Cosplay HQ full sets  
  • 2 fansings for you ♥
Cool foxy
per month
Friendly foxy
per month
2% complete
Make more popular quality costumes and hq pics every month!
All funds contribute to expanding my content creation abilities- travel, equipment, cosplays, etc. My passion is to spread joy through the world!

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